A community of true professionals collaborating together


A community of true professionals collaborating together

Don't Let Your Lack of Confidence Put Your Business Success in Jeopardy

It’s important to feel like you chose the right mentorship for your clinical needs. You can be confident that The Clinical Mastery Membership will provide you with the support and tools you want to create a sustainable career in integrative healthcare.

"I just clicked through the Clinical Mastery Login email and watched the first Guiding Principles video with the Vision Work guidebook... Exactly what I needed in this exact moment! Things are moving along for me and my purpose, I feel so encouraged, and EMPOWERED, by the energy and positivity among you all."

Trio Wellspace Holland, MI

Here's How Easy It Is To Collaborate With Professionals

What’s Included in the Monthly Mentorship Membership:

Life is hard. Don’t face it alone.

We all need a community that supports us as we navigate life as a Practitioner. We know you want to feel successful in what you do. The reality is that helping others can be challenging and leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and alone.

Clinical Mastery Membership is a safe place where true professionals collaborate with client wellness plans and business best practices while learning self-mastery tools.

"I would like to make a public statement! This statement is from the desk of Darryl Roberts and it is an OFFICIAL statement on his behalf! The value of knowledge given by Angie Ates-Clark in the Mentorship is SO FAR ABOVE what we are paying that every time I see the payment billed I pray that she does not come to her senses this month and raise the price! I can hardly ever attend these live however when I have time I just go back and watch the videos and it's like getting an education all over again. This is literally the most under-priced program I have ever been apart of and I probably should keep my mouth shut and not say this out loud! ON THAT NOTE I am going to go back to studying August's "Office Hours""

Naturopath / Meridian Therapist

You Deserve A Return On Your Investment


Solo-Professionals who are tired of “going it alone.”

Clinical Teams who want to collaborate on complex cases.

The Professional who wants and deserves to celebrate successes within the safety of a community.


SAY YES to your Success.
Collaborate with Professionals during the Live virtual or watch the replay of the support session
See your confidence and business grow!

Clinical Mastery Membership

Guiding Principles of Clinical Mastery - Access to the 12 Guiding Principles to embrace and implement for the ability to “change your world.”
Exclusive Facebook group - The group is a safe space for collaboration, feedback, and celebrations.
2x a month Live-Virtual Support Calls: Self Mastery - Soul-istic Medicine and Open Office Hours.
Case Studies - Every month, we share a ‘real client’ case study in the Facebook group where all members collaborate on creating wellness plans to address the symptom picture presented.
Practice Management tips and hacks - Every month, we share business essentials to support every phase of your business.
Masterclass - This is exclusive to members. Based on your requests we search for experts to level up your knowledge.
Practitioner Directory - get access and be part of the Clinical Mastery Membership Directory.
"So blessed that the cycle of inept training and support has been broken with this Mentorship. I don’t know where I would be in this industry without this safe community and mentoring from Angie and the team."

N.D., C.A.H.P, H.W.C., C.N.H.P.
Nurture Wellness Clinic
(984) 464-0114

We are a team of professionals who value your desire to help others and create a sustainable career in integrative healthcare.

We know several membership-type options out there talk a pretty good game. But choosing a mentorship-style membership that’s right for you can be overwhelming.

Your career is one of the most critical choices you will make, so you should feel confident when you choose a mentor guiding you to success. After working with hundreds of professionals, we get it.

We believe you deserve natural health education mentoring from experienced and currently practicing professionals. We keep it simple: we have assembled a team of experts to provide an integrative approach to business strategies and cohesive wellness plans and ultimately build your confidence for sustainable income.

We believe that is the way true collaboration should be!

Angie Ates-Clark

CAHP-BC, BCND | Clinical Shaman | Business Intuitive Strategist

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